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Gordian Knot Games is a games service company with a difference. We provide bespoke services to the games industry as well as organising and running our own projects.

We can scale our services to meet any needs. Whether it is managing organised play programmes, finding venues, running large scale conventions or demoing products, Gordian Knot Games can design a package to suit.

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Local Clubs

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For fifteen years we have been helping to build communities with our local area. If you live in or near Gravesend, Kent and would like to play games, we are the people to talk to. And if we can't help, we certainly know someone who can. Please contact us and let us know what games you like to play.

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Friendly Local Game Store

The Mug and Meeple opened in Aug 2016 and was an instant hit with the gaming community in Gravesend. Providing quality products as well as a comfortable place to play, 'The Mug' serves as a community centre for gamers.
Clubs run every evening with special events at weekends.

The Mug and Meeple

If you would like to see the products that we sell, please view our webstore.

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